So like many individuals you are looking to make some extra money from home by taking online surveys for money, right? But with soooo many different sites talking about paid surveys or whatnot, it's hard to tell the scams from the honest paying companies. A good rule of thumb is, if ANY website asks you for money or your credit card number up front or promises $90 per survey, then 9/10 it simply is a SCAM. money signAfter scouring the net, joining hundreds of different sites, and sorting through the scams and low paying sites, I have finally found, which I believe to be the highest paying GPT and best survey sites on the internet. All sites reviewed here are completely legitimate and I have been paid several times by each. Trust me, I wouldn't do reviews of them here if I wasn't earning money myself. Each website provides a real opportunity of working from home whether you're a stay at home mom, part time worker, kids or teenagers of at least 13 years of age, or just a regular person looking to make some extra spending money. Every single one is ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE TO JOIN and DOES NOT ask for your credit card, nor do they sell your personal information. So really, what do you have to lose?

Top 5 Sites To Take Paid Surveys For Money In 2015    

#1) MySurvey
MySurvey is a fairly large and trusted survey panel which has been around for quite some time. In case you are worried, your mind can be put at ease because MySurvey is an accredited business by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). You will receive paid surveys frequently as well as have the opportunity to test products at home such as food or beverages. You may also receive magazine surveys. Payout is 1100 points (equal to $10) and is processed by PayPal, Amazon.com gift cards, and many other options. Teenagers who are at least 14 years old and have their parents consent are welcome to signup at this time. My Survey is open to many international countries. Click Here to register at MySurvey and receive surveys for money before it's too late!

#2) Harris Poll Online
Harris Poll Online is one of the oldest survey panels founded in 1945. They generally pay much higher than other survey panels. Also as a bonus, you can earn entries to the various sweepstakes drawings they hold. You will be paid fairly for your opinions, and won't be getting any long surveys for only $1 here. Payout is 100 points (equal to $10) and is processed by Amazon gift cards, Wal-mart gift cards, Home Depot gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Restaurant gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, other merchandise, or even donations to charity. Other cashout options may be available now as well. Teens who are at least 13 years of age and have the consent of their parents are allowed to signup at this time. HarrisPollOnline is open to the United States Of America. Click Here to signup at Harris Poll Online and get paid surveys today!

#3) Vindale
Vindale Research is a survey site that has been for quite some time with the possibility to take evaluation surveys paying up to $75 cash. There's many sites out there that claim $75 per survey and this simply is NOT true but this site does give out quite a few evaluation and focus group surveys paying $75 or very close to it. Click Here to join Vindale Research and start taking paid surveys online!

#4) Toluna
Toluna has been around for awhile now and used by MANY individuals who take paid surveys online. They've recently introduced new ways to earn rewards as well such as playing free games, watching their personal video channel IN ADDITION TO taking paid surveys. They also offer sweepstake entries to their prize drawings. You can request PayPal, Amazon.com gift codes, Walmart Gift Cards, or virtually anything. USA, CAN, UK, and AUS residents of at least 13 years of age are welcome to join! Click Here join Toluna and get to earning with paid online surveys!

#5) FusionCash
FusionCash has a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of A+ and for good reason. The company opened in June 2005 and has paid over $2 million, yes that's right, more than $2 million out to it's members. They have proven time after time to be one of the most profitable GPT sites out there. FusionCash has high daily paid surveys, paid emails, ptc (paid to click), and many other high value free and trial offers. The amount you can potentially earn here is endless! You can also be paid $3 monthly just to participate in their very active & helpful forum. You choose how you want to be paid either by paypal, check, or direct deposit straight into your bank account! To receive your free $5 signup bonus you must confirm your email, which may be in your spam folder for some odd reason, and activate your account by adding your telephone number. Unfortunately, only USA and Canada residents are allowed to register at this time. Click Here to join Fusion Cash and be rewarded by surveys for cash to see what you've been missing!

Still a skeptic?? I was too when I first heard about taking paid surveys online, but I'm telling you right now, don't be!!

Here's my lifetime (2010-present) up-to-date earnings straight from FusionCash (which can not be altered or faked).

Free $5 @ FusionCash!

Other Survey Sites Worth A Mention

GlobalTestMarket is one of the biggest and best survey sites out there as far as number of members goes. The site began in 1999 and is reported to have approximately 5.5 million members. You will get paid for surveys in your spare time if you wish to take them. The surveys can be about restaurants, cars, movies, consumer products, current events, or among many other things. They are generally delivered to your email and you only have so much time to complete them before they meet their quota, this could be 1 hour to 5 days. You can also earn sweepstake entries to their daily and monthly drawings earning you a little extra pocket money. Minimum cashout is a little high at $50 but this company has been around a very long time and is very reputable. You are paid in the form of a check. Global Test Market is open to many different international countries as well. Click Here to join GlobalTestMarket to start taking online surveys for money now!

CashCrate is one of the oldest and largest GPT sites around. It's a very easy way to generate an extra income online in your spare time. You can earn massive cash back for shopping at major stores such as iTunes, Walmart, Office Depot, NFL Shop, & many others. You may complete free offers and online surveys for money at any time! You will be paid monthly in the form of a check or direct deposit once you reach their requirements. There is no signup fee to join Cashcrate or credit card needed. They even give you $1 free just to sign up! Their forums are top notch with helpful members and mods if you come across any problems. All countries are allowed to register. Click Here to sign up to CashCrate and get surveys for cash today!

The History of Paid Surveys

Today, there are hundreds of websites that offer quick cash for paid surveys; if you're interested in these lucrative and convenient surveys for money, you may be curious about the history of paid surveys online. The first thing that you need to know is that these money-making surveys have been popular for decades; in fact, before the Internet was even invented, marketing companies and corporations paid people to answer questions and supply information. But why were these companies willing to shell out cash for this kind of data?

Well, it's all about the power of information. After all, consumer preferences and opinions play a hugely important role in how companies create, package, and market their products. From toothpastes to antidepressants to car parts to lipsticks.no smart corporation or marketing firm invests in a product's research, development, packaging and launch without collecting plenty of information from test groups (also known as focus groups). Since the Fifties and Sixties, paid surveys for money have been quietly commissioned by companies, so they could more exert better control over the way they spent their precious resources.

In the old days, these paid surveys would have been collected the old-fashioned way; people would have filled out questionnaires in person or answered queries over the phone. Then, they would have received cash or checks for their services. Today, technology makes the whole paid survey business move so much faster; surveys for money are completed electronically through special websites that exist to connect consumers with marketing companies and corporations. Money for paid surveys are now transferred digitally into bank accounts or PayPal accounts, all in the blink of an eye!

As you can see, these types of surveys have come a long way, and many people rely on these money-making questionnaires to augment their salaries.in fact, some people actually make a living from filling out surveys for money. Companies and marketing agencies really appreciate the rapid-fire pace of modern paid survey websites; after all, these Internet locations allow them to get more vital information about what consumers want, and how consumers spend their valuable, hard-earned dollars.

Paid surveys have always helped businesses to beat their competitors. Examples of popular companies that have used surveys in earlier decades include Pepsi and Coca-Cola; these two soda-producing corporations have been arch rivals for years. Back in the early days, Coca-Cola used paid surveys to find out exactly what customers thought of their products - and of Pepsi's own "rival" beverages. Then, Coke execs used this crucial information to create new products (Diet Coke, etc.) that met public demand. This type of paid survey information would also have been used to get a leg up on the competition - for example, new marketing campaigns would have carefully highlighted the things that customers liked about their products, while also spotlighting whatever they didn't like about the competition's drinks.

Business is, in a sense, war - therefore, the best corporate combatants use every weapon in their arsenals to vanquish the enemy. Today, things aren't any different; major companies, start-ups, and mid-sized businesses all use surveys for money to get a handle on their target audience and to grab more market share from their rivals. Today's Internet-savvy consumers have also learned how to use surveys for money to their advantage; they now know how to earn extra income simply by relaxing into front of their PCs, Mac computers, or smart phones. By punching in a little data and completing a few fun and easy paid surveys, they are able to make real money without leaving the comfort and privacy of their own homes. As you can see, paid surveys for money are win-win for business people and consumers.

Types of surveys have changed over the years. Just as technology has changed the way paid surveys are collected - and how consumers get money for the surveys that they fill out - high tech is also affecting the questions that are asked of consumers, and which topics are most popular for paid surveys. For example, products such as iPhones and Blackberries are hot trends right now, so consumers who fill out surveys for quick and easy cash may expect to get asked some questions about these fun and addictive electronic gadgets. Other popular topics for surveys include information about basic spending habits; consumers may be asked to detail how much they spend on certain types of products over a typical month.from groceries to nutritional supplements to pharmaceuticals to video games.companies really need to know what sort of money you are dropping on the products that they manufacture and market.

When you provide details about which brands you buy, you offer even more value to every paid survey. After all, "God is in the details" when it comes to getting marketing and branding information that may be used to launch or advertise an item or service. This is why marketing companies go out of their way to create detailed surveys that pinpoint exact preferences and spending habits. In the surveys for money game, there is no such thing as too much information!

As you can see, people have been asking other people questions about what they use and buy for decades; in fact, even the ancient Babylonians took polls now and then! Curiosity is part of human nature, and so is the exchange of important ideas and information. Now that we're in the post-millennial age, information moves at a lightning-fast pace; companies may collect information twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year! Electronic banking and online payment systems also speed up the pace of surveys for money, making it easier for consumers to enjoy quick remuneration for their work.

If you're considering filling out surveys for money, you're not alone - millions of people worldwide are using paid surveys websites to put a dent in their monthly bills.or just to accumulate some fun money during a tough recessionary period. Getting started with these easy, quick survey websites is so easy, just find a reputable paid surveys websites by checking online reviews and rankings; then, take the plunge and start earning extra income right from your own home.

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