How To Use GPT Sites

Below are some very important gpt tips and tricks you need to know when completing any kind of offers on GPT sites.

Step 1: Clear those Cookies! You need to clear your cookies between each and every offer to have the best chance at getting them to to credit successfully! Never clear cookies while you are in the middle of an offer because it will never credit.

Clearing Cookies in FireFox

Clearing Cookies in Internet Explorer

You could also download the program CCleaner. This program automatically deletes your cookies and history so you dont have to do it manually.

Step 2: Use a brand new E-mail address for each and every offer! A lot of the advertisers do not like GMX emails so do not use them. Yahoo and Gmail seem to work the best but AOL mail and hotmail also works quite well at times. NEVER use the same email more than once because it greatly reduces your chances of getting the offers to successfully credit!

Step 3: Do Not Rush!! Never rush through an offer. Let each and every page load completely and you will see offers crediting at a much higher rate.

Step 4: Leave all windows open! Leave all the windows or tabs opens for several minutes after marking the offer as complete at your favorite GPT site. Leaving the windows open for a period of time greatly improves your chance of getting an offer to credit!

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